7triple2 Shipping Container House


Our 7triple2 Shipping Container House is one of the most exciting projects in our history. Situated on a 33' lot on 106 St in beautiful Queen Alexandra, this modern container home features 2050 sqft of transitionally modern, open living.

What is a container home you ask? Well, a Shipping Container home looks exactly like a conventionally-built wood frame home in every way, inside and out. Inside the exterior walls, however, we replace the 2x4 or 2x6 wood studs with plywood sheathing that makeup the frame of the building with panels from old shipping containers. This makes for a house that performs way better - steel is a much better building material, that's why it's used in virtually every modern building over 4 storeys. The house doesn't leak air, it doesn't sag or dip, it won't settle over time. And, by building this way, we're helping the earth. A staggering 96% of shipping containers transported to Canada from Asia are never returned; sadly, it's cheaper to manufacture new containers than it is to ship back old containers. So instead of rusting and rotting in a freight-yard somewhere, we give these containers new life. We disassemble the container, cut to size for the frame, then clip and girt the panels together. This then replaces the aforementioned stick framing in any exterior walls. And no, contrary to popular belief, you won't live in a series of tubes, or have walls in weird spots. Every one of our container builds are open concept just like buyers expect in modern homes. 

The interior will pay homage to the modern exterior with an open concept layout.

With most of the building happening in the factory, the home will be 60% complete when it is delivered to site. We expect this project will be on the market and ready for new owners by June 2019!