Shipping Container House Rendering.jpg

Our Shipping Container House is our second container build in Edmonton. Located on a quiet, well-developed street in Ritchie, this project is going to make serious waves. 

Unlike our Queen Alex project whose design had to consider the mostly traditional neighborhood aesthetic, through redevelopment, Ritchie has become a melting pot of design. As such, we're able to live out our wildest modern design dreams, utilizing hardy panels, corrugated metal (alluding to the corrugated structure), char wood, and Corten steel up the mast which will patina over time, taking on unique characteristics. 

The interior will pay homage to the modern exterior with an open concept layout

Utilizing the same construction techniques from our Queen A project, this Shipping Container home is exactly like wood-framed homes in every way, except one - we replace the 2x4 or 2x6 wood studs that makeup the frame of the building with panels from old shipping containers. 

This project is breaking ground July 15th, with the main floor and second floor/roof delivered August 5th. With most of the building happening in the factory, the home will be 60% complete when it is delivered to site. We expect this project will be on the market and ready for new owners September 15th!