Sustainability is at the heart of our business

At Copperblock, we believe that every investment dollar should have a positive impact.  With a focus on maximizing ethical, environmental, and social responsibility, our real estate developments include signature features such as:

  • LEED green building certification

  • Shipping container construction

  • Rainwater collection and reuse

  • Living roofs

  • Electric vehicle charging stations

  • Geothermal heating and cooling

  • Energy and utility consumption monitoring app for tenants

  • Bike and car sharing programs

  • Cross laminated timber

  • Graywater plumbing

  • Solar PV technology

One of our latest initiatives in development involves the creation of a business model that will enable us to allocate a portion of our portfolio towards building affordable housing units. We are passionate about building eco-friendly, sustainable communities where everyone has the chance to thrive and prosper.


Socially responsible investing with proven portfolio performance


Our projects also generate exceptional returns for investors, aligning sustainable values with your investment goals. Since our inception in 1993, we have created value for our investors through extensive research and thoughtful analysis of market conditions, pioneering projects that elevate housing standards while producing profitable financial returns.


We are proud to offer a world-class portfolio of sustainably built, socially conscious, income-generating properties that are concentrated in western Canada. By joining our family of investors, you are engaging in socially responsible investing that not only maximizes impact on Canadian soil but is elevating the landscape of real estate investment worldwide.