Inglewood apartments receive green light from City Council

Copperblock Capital April 4, 2019

Edmonton City Councillors approve rezoning application for a 49-unit apartment complex in Inglewood. View Press Release


Council approves Inglewood 49-unit apartment despite community pushback

Edmonton Journal April 1, 2019

Council voted 9-4 in favour of Copperblock Capital’s application to rezone three lots in the southeast corner of Inglewood for a new four-storey development. More…


Edmonton’s first shipping container home taking shape

NAIT News Watch December 7, 2018

The first shipping container home in Edmonton is currently under construction and getting ready to hit the open market soon. More…


Edmonton's first "sea-can" spec-home

CBC Radio Active December 4, 2018

They sit unwanted rusting in storage yards all over the country. But now, a local developer is touting the environmental advantages of building houses out of recycled shipping containers. More…


Edmonton’s first shipping container house for immediate sale set to hit the open market

StarMetro Edmonton November 25, 2018

Edmonton is home to apartment buildings and garden suites made of shipping containers, also known as sea cans, but for the first time, a shipping container house built for immediate sale is slated to hit the local MLS market. More…